Standard Service

We offer a complete and confidential milk prediction service that provides an accurate future milk production forecast for use in your own business management and for you to provide to your milk buyer.

We employ state-of-the-art computer modelling to achieve accurate results from a system we have developed and used successfully for over 10 years.

We offer a personal service where our experienced staff check all the forecasts produced before they are returned to you. We will contact you to clarify any details where necessary. Once the forecasts have passed our quality control checks a report pack will be sent to you, either by email or through the post.

The milk4cast Report Pack includes:

  • A print of the details submitted and used to generate the forecast.
  • A report detailing the actual and forecast production figures, with comparison information.
  • Graphs detailing the actual/forecast production and calving pattern.
  • The full 12 month future production forecast to be supplied to your milk buyer.

We ask that you check these reports and confirm that you require us to forward the future milk production figures to your milk buyer.

As milk4cast is an independent company, we do not have ties to any milk buyers or feed organisation, your herd details are used only to generate forecasts. Your data will not, under any circumstance, be passed to any third parties.

The cost for the service is:


75 (+VAT) per forecast. Herd information submitted through our web site or fax line and the report pack returned by email / post.

This charge will be deducted from your milk cheque by your milk buyer in the month following the receipt of your milk4cast Report Pack.

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